Packaging & Sending Items

Step-by-step guide to calculate, measure, pack, and weigh a parcel when sending with New Zealand Couriers

Sending & Delivery Issues

Information and FAQs about making a complaint, querying and finding assistance for delivery issues as a sender

Pricing & Ticketing

Find and buy the right tickets, and calculate the potential charges related to delivery with New Zealand Couriers

Sending to Rural & Residential Zones

Find out more details about sending deliveries to rural/non-urban and residential addresses

Delivery of Age Restricted items

Find out more information about sending age restricted items with New Zealand Couriers

Tracking Items You're Sending

Questions about a delivery like where is my parcel, what is the expected delivery time and tracking status

Booking a Courier Pickup

Information about booking a courier for a pickup, collection times and checking the pickup address

Dangerous & Prohibited Goods

Find out all details related to specifics and delivery of goods classified as dangerous and prohibited


Find out about different delivery surcharges that might apply to a parcel when sending with New Zealand Couriers

Parcel Notifications - Sender

Learn more about how to keep your customers up to date with the status of their parcel with New Zealand Couriers' Parcel Notifications.

Island Deliveries

Find out more about delivering to Stewart Island, Great Barrier Island, Waiheke Island with New Zealand Couriers

Send a parcel

Learn more about how to send one-off parcels with Send a parcel

Sending options

Find out all the sending options details you need to know when using Send a parcel

About my parcel

Information you need to know about your parcel when sending on Send a parcel

Labelling and Printing

Guide to common label and printing questions when using Send a parcel

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