Price of Express Packs

All Express Packs can be sent locally, regionally, or nationally at the below price unless you are wanting a Saturday delivery, or you are sending it to a residential or rural address.

Express packs used for Saturday, Residential or Rural services require an extra ticket relevant to that service.

Pack Type Size Dimensions Price (each)
E11 DLE 225mm x 115mm $12.00
E20 A5 260mm x 190mm  $12.00
E25b A5+  280mm x 210mm  $13.50
E40 A4 325mm x 235mm  $14.00
E50 Foolscap 390mm x 280mm  $17.50
E60 A3 415mm x 360mm  $19.00
PP A3+ 440mm x 450mm  $29.00
E10 (Greenpac) DLE 225mm x 115mm $12.00
DP (Greenpac) A4+ 379mm x 260mm $13.50

Express pack availability varies between branches

Not all our branches stock all products so please check with your local branch if they have the pack you are needing. The prices listed here are for single express packs and singles can only be purchased at one of our branches.

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