We do our very best to deliver to destinations within business delivery zones nationwide by 9.30am the next working day, and residential delivery zones by the end of the next working day.  Parcels destined for rural/non-urban delivery zones can take 2-3 business days. 

Due to courier delivery run times differing from area to area, and unforeseen factors that can cause delays such as weather, we are not able to give a definite expected time of delivery on the day.  We suggest that you track your parcel and if the status shows the parcel is On board you should expect the parcel to be delivered that day. 

Sometimes unfortunate events do happen and for some reason the parcel might not be delivered that day.  In this case, it will be returned to the couriers’ home depot for safe keeping and will go back out for delivery the very next working day. 

Our staff do not have any additional visibility on a parcel’s location that you do through our tracking tool once it is with the delivery driver. 

What each tracking status means

  • Pickup scan shows the time and date that your parcel was collected 
  • Status scan indicates what stage of the delivery journey your parcel is at
  • On Board scan shows the time and date your parcel was scanned on to the delivery drivers vehicle  
  • Delivery scan shows the time and date delivery was made (once the parcel has been delivered) 

More information is provided in the Detail section. This includes: 

  • The location of your parcel each time it is scanned 
  • The identification number of the courier who scanned it (e.g. Courier 073) 
  • The home branch of the courier (the area where the scan was made) 
  • The signature of the person who signed for the delivery (once delivery is made and if the parcel was signature required) 

If you have not received an expected delivery by the end of the next business day

  1. Track your parcel
  2. On the results page, click Query
  3. Complete the Query form
  4. Our Customer Services team will investigate and respond to you

The advantage of using this method to follow up on your delivery is that you do not have to potentially wait on hold to talk to someone, and all details relating to the delivery are sent all at once – reducing the need for back-and-forth clarification. 

For safety reasons we cannot give out the phone number of our contractors. 

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