Sending to a Rural Delivery Zone

We can help you get your parcels to thousands of nationwide rural and non-urban addresses. More remote locations may take a little longer, but we’ll ensure it arrives safely.

What are Rural/Non-Urban areas?

A rural/non-urban delivery zone is an area outside of the reach of our standard courier services (Business & Residential Delivery Zones) – typically farms, rural areas, and may include lifestyle blocks and other such less densely populated areas. It may differ from the rural classification of other courier and postal companies.

How do I know if an address is classed as Rural/Non-Urban? 

Simply go to our Address Checker and type in the address you want to find out about.

Do I have to do anything differently for Rural/Non-Urban deliveries?

We work with a trusted partner who specialises in delivery to these areas outside our courier network. In our track and trace system, you will see ‘signed for by rural’ to indicate when the item is passed along to our rural/non-urban delivery partner for the final leg of its journey. We are also unable to obtain signatures for rural/non-urban deliveries. 

To cover the cost of our partner’s service to complete the delivery, one Rural Delivery ticket per 15kg or 0.075m3 must be attached to rural/non-urban deliveries. If you accidentally send an item to a rural/non-urban delivery zone without a Rural Delivery ticket attached, we will do our best to deliver it, but an underticketing fee will be charged to your account to make up for the difference in cost. 

In more remote areas, we encourage items to be sent to a Delivery Link Partner near the receiver. This will speed up delivery time and can be signed for and securely held until the receiver collects.

How long does it take for a parcel to arrive at a Rural/Non-Urban address?

Allow 4 -5 business days for a parcel that is bound for a rural/non-urban address to arrive. Due to the low density of deliveries in rural /non-urban areas, deliveries are done less frequently.

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