Where is my parcel?

Find out where your parcel is at any time with our tracking tool. Enter the ticket/consignment number into the system and you’ll be given information on its location and delivery status. You can also share the parcel status via email with someone right from the results page.

How to track a parcel

  1. Go to our tracking tool
  2. Locate the type of ticket you have from the options on screen, then enter the ticket details into the relevant fields. eg. for Courier tickets / Packs enter the product code (the 2-4 digit code highlighted in yellow in the image) and ticket number (the 8 digit number code highlighted in red).
    • If you are unsure which ticket type you have or which code to enter, example tickets are shown on the main tracking page which can be enlarged for a better view. 
  3. Click Track my item

What each tracking status means

  • Pickup scan shows the time and date that your parcel was collected 
  • Status scan indicates what stage of the delivery journey your parcel is at
  • On Board scan shows the time and date your parcel was scanned on to the delivery drivers vehicle  
  • Delivery scan shows the time and date delivery was made (once the parcel has been delivered) 

More information is provided in the Detail section. This includes: 

  • The location of your parcel each time it is scanned 
  • The identification number of the courier who scanned it (e.g. Courier 073) 
  • The home branch of the courier (the area where the scan was made) 
  • The signature of the person who signed for the delivery (once delivery is made and if the parcel was signature required) 

What actions can be taken on the tracking page

  • Print page: print a copy of the page for your records 
  • Email results link: automatically generate an email with the results to send to clients / customers 
  • Track another parcel 
  • Lodge a query – if you have a question about what’s happening with the delivery, click on the Lodge Customer Services Query button, fill in the details and this will be sent straight through to our Customer Services team to investigate and respond to.  Find out more about lodging a query.

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