FAQs about Proof of Delivery Signatures

This article answers common questions asked about Proof of Delivery (POD) signatures.

In what situations do deliveries get a signature as Proof of Delivery?

Signatures are obtained for deliveries to:

  • business addresses
  • residential addresses

Signatures are NOT obtained for deliveries to:

  • rural deliveries.

Read more about contactless deliveries here.


I prefer contact-less deliveries. Can I receive parcels to a business address without signing for them?

At the time of delivery, you can mention this to our courier. The courier will maintain a distance, ask for your name, and enter this information into the scanner (this will show in the tracking information).

If you have the opportunity to leave delivery instructions while the parcel is in transit, or have an Authority to Leave delivery tag at a location, your parcel can be left without the need to sign for it.


What is the process for contact-less delivery?

The process for a contact-less delivery is explained here.


Will I know if signature protocols change in the future?

We will do our best to update you if we are planning to change. However, should there be material changes in the community i.e. sickness variants that hold additional threat; significantly increasing infection rates in the population; changes in the understanding of risk factors to the public or our people, New Zealand Couriers does reserve the right to change what type of deliveries obtain signatures with immediate effect.


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