Terms of use for Parcel Notifications

These Parcel Notification terms (“Terms”) apply if you are set up to have your customers receive parcel notifications from us when you send items using New Zealand Couriers (“us, our”).  These terms form part of our standard Terms and Conditions of Carriage and any other agreement you have with us.

Service Provided

The Parcel notification service lets your customers receive notifications about the status of their courier parcels via email or SMS text message from us. 

You can stop using the Parcel Notification service by sending 7 days’ written notice to esystems@nzcouriers.co.nz.

To use the Parcel Notification service, you agree that:

  1. Notifications can only be sent for parcels going to a New Zealand delivery address and where you have completed the Parcel Notifications customer application form and a correct email and mobile number for each delivery is supplied in the correct fields in the manifest data file you send to us.
  2. You will comply with the Privacy Act 2020 in relation to your use of the Parcel Notification service and will obtain all necessary permissions or consents for us to use your customer information such as mobile phone numbers and email addresses (and pass the customer information on to our third-party partner who provides the email and SMS text notifications), for the purpose of providing your customers with Parcel Notifications.
  3. We will not use your customer’s information for any purpose other than to provide email and SMS text Parcel Notifications to your customers or as otherwise required by law or permitted by our agreements with you.  We will treat all your customer’s information as confidential.
  4. Where your customer’s information is used to comply with a legal obligation other than performing the Parcel Notification service, we will inform you prior to the use, unless the law explicitly prohibits prior notification.
  5. We need to supply your customer information to our third-party partners who provide the email and SMS text telecommunication services and whilst doing so, will comply with all aspects of the Privacy Act 2020.
  6. In the event of becoming aware of a privacy or security breach affecting your customer’s information, we will notify you without undue delay.  We will co-operate with you and take such reasonable steps as requested by you to assist in the investigation, mitigation and remediation.
  7. Parcel Notification service charges are as notified to you and any change to these will be notified or published at least 30 days before it takes effect.  We may change these charges in this manner, even if we follow a different process for price changes under your other agreements with us. Charges still apply where the customer notification fails for any reason.
  8. We are excluded from any liability for text or email notifications that fail to be sent due to inaccurate, incomplete, or non-valid mobile phone numbers or email addresses being supplied to us.
  9. Weather events, technical issues, third-party service failures, telecommunications coverage and other factors or disruptions may impact our ability to provide Parcel Notifications at times. Therefore, we do not warrant that the Parcel Notification service will always be available, or that any information provided to a customer in connection with a Parcel Notification will always be accurate or complete. We are excluded from any liability should the Parcel Notification service not be available, fail or from consequential loss relating to the receipt of texts or emails.
  10. The Parcel Notification is sent when the ticket barcode is scanned for the selected parcel events below:
    1. Pick up – when the courier collects the parcel (email available)
    2. In Transit – when the parcel is out for delivery (text or email available)
    3. Delivery – when the parcel has been delivered (text or email available)
  11. The ‘Pick up’ and ‘In Transit’ Parcel Notifications provide the customer with the ability to instruct us to leave an item at an unattended premise and not personally sign for items.  This exception is provided for under our terms & conditions of carriage.  By requesting this option, the customer will accept full liability for the item that is left by us.
  12. For parcels sent to rural / non-urban addresses, delivery notifications are sent once the parcels are delivered to the rural agent or on-forwarder that provides delivery services to that address.  These Parcel Notifications advise that delivery should be expected within 2-3 business days.
  13. If you have a written agreement with us to send any “High-Risk Items” as specified in our Terms and Conditions of Carriage, you agree not to provide Parcel Notification Services to customers receiving these “High-Risk Items”.
  14. Please refer to the latest version of the Parcel Notifications Terms and Conditions as these are subject to change.


15. In these Terms:

“Customer” means any individual in New Zealand whose email address or mobile number you provide to us for the purposes of the parcel notification service;

“customer information” means the personal information of a customer and may include a customer’s name, address, phone number, email address or other identifying details; and

“Parcel Notification” means an SMS or email notification that we send to a customer regarding the status of a parcel sent to a New Zealand address.

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