Step-by-step guide to sending items with us

1. Set up an account

It's fast and easy to do - you'll enjoy access to our full range of services and online tools. Fill out an application form to start the process. 

Once your account has been approved and opened you will receive a PIN number which you can use to Order Products and Book a Courier through our website. If you don’t have an account, or only want to use our services once-off, you can purchase tickets and packs from your local branch. 

2. Purchase tickets and/or packs

Items you wish to send with us must either have the appropriate courier ticket attached or be in one of our express packs (ePacks). You can view our range of courier tickets and express packs, and once you have set up an account you can order products online.  If you are using one of our electronic ticketing systems you should have been provided with a roll of labels, but should you need more, these can also be ordered through our website. 

3. Package and label your item

Thelp ensure your item arrives on time and undamaged it is important to correctly pack and label the items you intend to send.  And make sure you address your item correctly - clearly print the receiver’s name, company name, physical address (not PO Box), phone number, along with the sender’s name and details, on the item. 

If you have any doubts about how to best pack and label a parcel, take a look at our guide for packaging and labelling 

Are you intending to send an item that is classified as a Dangerous Good? If so, please refer to our Dangerous Goods guide for more information regarding these types of items. 

4. Ticket your item

To travel through our delivery network your item will need either a ticket applied to it or to be placed in an ePack.

For prepaid tickets, the ticket type and quantity depend on where the item is going and its size/dimensions.  If you use manifest or self-labelling ticketing systems should ensure parcels are correctly declared based on the size and/or weight.

To check what type of ticket is required you can either refer to the service schedule for your area or use our online ticket calculator tool which will show you the information. 

ePacks are a flat price nationwide and have a recommended weight limit of 15kg. 

There are extra costs incurred with delivery to Residential and Rural/Non-Urban delivery zones. If you are sending to an address within either of these delivery zones, an additional residential or rural ticket must be attached to the ePack or standard prepaid ticketed item e.g. if you are sending to a local residential address you would need a Local ticket plus a Residential ticket.

We can deliver to most main metropolitan centres on Saturday, there is an additional charge and this service may not be offered to all locations. Simply attach a Saturday delivery ticket to your ticketed item and label your item clearly 'Saturday delivery'.

To see if the address you are sending to requires a residential or rural ticket, or can be delivered to on a Saturday, check here.

5. Keep a reference

Make sure you keep the ‘customer manifest’ portion of the ticket along with the receiver’s name and address. You’ll need this number to be able to track your item in our tracking tool. We can provide a special binder for keeping the ‘customers manifest’ portions in if required. 

Tickets printed by our electronic ticketing systems are automatically saved into the system, you should not need to manually record these ticket numbers. 

6. Book your courier

Parcel packaged and ready to be collected for delivery?  You can either book a courier collection through our website or by phone using our Voiceless Activated Network (VAN) on 0800 692 687. This is an automated booking service that allows you to book a courier in less than ten seconds using your account PIN number provided when you open an account.

7. Sit back and relax

Once your parcel is in our hands, it's as good as there. But if you want an update on the status of the delivery at any time, it's easy with our online tracking tool.  Enter your tracking number into the system and it will show you what stage of delivery your item is at. 

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