Max weight and size we can accept

As an express courier service provider we specialise in the rapid delivery of smaller parcels, as opposed to the movement of pallets and other larger freight items performed by general logistics and trucking companies. 

This means that we collect freight in vans, typically by one individual, by hand without the use of equipment like forklifts and trolleys.  As such we must protect the Health and Safety of our contractors by limiting the maximum size and weight of items we will accept for delivery through our network.

For boxes:

The maximum weight New Zealand Couriers accepts is 25kg. 'Caution Heavy Item' stickers need to be applied to any parcel over 20kg to give warning to our contractors and staff of its weight. 

In terms of dimensions, the maximum length we can accept is 1.8 meters, and the maximum volumetric size is 0.1m3 due to the size limitations of our freight transportation containers. 

Caution Heavy Item stickers can be purchased through our online product ordering portal along with your regular ticket and courier bag items.

For express packs:

The maximum weight we can accept in Express Packs is 15kg.

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