Great Barrier Island - FAQs

How long does Great Barrier Airlines take to deliver my package to Great Barrier Island?

Overnight via air (the sender must have an account with Great Barrier Airlines or Fly My Sky)

How should my item be addressed to Great Barrier Island?

All items travelling via Air must be clearly addressed:

  • C/- Fly My Sky or C/- Great Barrier Airlines
  • C/- Freight Link, East Tamaki

How do I get an item from Great Barrier Island to Auckland?

Item must be at either GBA or Sealink before notifying New Zealand Couriers of collection. It is up to the sender to have the item at either one of these places for New Zealand Couriers to collect.

What is the cost of delivery to Great Barrier Island? 

New Zealand Couriers' standard charge only applies as far as the Airlines or Freight Link.

Please refer to our ticket calculator for more details.

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