Which Express Pack should I use?

All of our pre-paid Express Packs can be sent locally, regionally or nationally at a flat price unless you are sending to a Residential or Rural address or opt for a Saturday delivery. An additional Saturday, Residential or Rural ticket will need to be added to the Express Pack in those cases.

Express Pack and Greenpac™ types

Our entire Express Pack range is recyclable, with the Greenpac™ document range being made from recycled material.

Express Pack range

Type Quantity Size Dimensions
e11 20 / plastic DLE 225mm x 115mm
e20 20 / plastic A5 260mm x 190mm
e25b 10 / bubble plastic A5+ 280mm x 210mm
e40 20 / plastic A4 325mm x 235mm
e50 10 / plastic Foolscap 390mm x 280mm
e60 10 / plastic A3 415mm x 360mm
PP 10 / tough plastic A3+ 440mm x 450mm

Greenpac™ Document range

Greenpac™ + Loop: The pack that comes back. By choosing a Greenpac™ + Loop pack document you'll be able to send it off the pack and then receive the same pack back. It's the fast, simple, secure and sustainable way to ensure you get a prompt reply. For sending contracts and other documents that need to be signed and returned - this is the ideal choice.

Type Quantity Size Dimensions
e10 20 / recycled paper DLE 225mm x 115mm
DP 10 / recycled card A4+ 379mm x 260mm
LP 5 / recycled card A4+ 379mm x 260mm

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