Check the pickup address for your account

The location you wish to have your deliveries collected from is recorded in our system when an account is opened so that when a courier booking is made, the courier knows where to go.  

Only one location can be associated with each account in our system.  If you have multiple pick-up locations for your business, you need to set up an account for each location so that the courier will know which location to go to when a booking request for an account goes through to them. 

How to check the pickup address for your account

  1. Go to our online Check Pick-up Address tool
  2. Enter your account phone number and PIN number
  3. Click Confirm Address
  4. The pick-up location details registered to your account will then be displayed

How to change your pickup address

Email an address change request to our local customer services team with the below details: 

  • Account number 
  • Company name 
  • Current/former collection address 
  • New collection address 
  • Name of person authorising the change

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