Check an address delivery zone or Saturday service availability

Our Address Checker tool lets you see whether a delivery address is considered by us to be in a Rural/Non-Urban Zone, a Business Zone, a Residential Zone, or if we offer Saturday delivery service to that location. 

This is important to know because deliveries to Rural/Non-Urban and Residential Delivery zones require additional ticket/s, and Saturday delivery services are not offered to all locations (and require an additional ticket also). 

How to check the delivery zone of an address 

  1. Go to our Address Checker 
  2. Type the address you are sending the item to (Make sure your address starts with a number, eg. 32 Botha Road)
  3. Select the correct address from the suggestions. 
  4. Once you have selected the correct address, the details for it will appear below in a table. These details will tell you: 
    • If the address receives a standard Monday to Friday delivery 
    • If Saturday Delivery is available to the address* 
    • What delivery zone the address is in 
    • If there are any other Special Conditions for delivery to the address

*If Saturday Delivery is unavailable, it may be possible to arrange for a special delivery to this address on Saturday. Contact your account manager to make arrangements for this service. 

Find out more about sending to residential delivery zones, or sending to rural/non-urban delivery zones. 

If you do not have residential tickets, rural tickets, or Saturday delivery tickets - these can be purchased online using our Order Products tool. 

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