Chatham Islands - FAQs

Does my item get delivered to my house on Chatham Island?

No, your item will be delivered to the Chatham Islands Airport where you can pick it up during opening hours.

How should my item be addressed to the Chatham Islands?

All items sent to the Chatham Islands must be sent to our Wellington Branch and clearly addressed with "CHATHAM ISLAND FREIGHT" as well as your Customer Account Number.

Who pays to get the item to the Chatham Islands and how do I find out the additional cost?

The customer/sender pays the extra cost of moving an item to the Chatham Islands (from our Wellington Branch). Please be aware that when using an electronic ticketing solution, the additional cost (Wellington to Chatham Island Airport) may not be shown. Please contact your local New Zealand Couriers branch with the weight and size of the item for the additional cost that will be incurred.    

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