A Freight forward or a return can be booked for a variety of scenarios, you can book them for when you need to book a pick up from an address not listed in the Pickup at my Account (to see how to book pickups at your account location, click here) section.

1. Log in

Navigate to the New Zealand Couriers' Sender Portal page (click here) and log in using your username and password.

2. Navigate to 'Pickups'

Navigate to the 'Pickups' icon in the upper left corner and click on it, or click here to navigate there directly.

3. Enter the required details

a) Pickup Address (Required)

Start typing your pickup address and choose the correct one from the Address Validator which appears in the dropdown box available and select the correct one.

Warning: It is important to note that you must not auto-fill the address, you will not be able to book the pickup if you do so.

It is important to use our Address Validator to verify your address (Learn more) as we use CoreLogic AddressRight to validate your addresses and pinpoint them to the exact geolocation (Read more).

b) Pickup Point (Optional)

Fill this box out to pinpoint the exact location where you want the courier to pick up the packages (e.g., reception, back entrance, etc.). 

c) Contact Name (Required)

Fill out the full name of the point of contact New Zealand Couriers can get in touch with when coordinating the pickup.

d) Contact Phone (Required)

Fill out the best possible phone number of the point of contact New Zealand Couriers call to get in touch with when coordinating the pickup.

e) Choose Service Standard (Optional)

Choose one out of Overnight and Two Day.

f) When is the parcel ready for pickup? (Required)

Choose a date from the dropdown calendar option. Your driver will collect your parcel within 48 hours after this date.

e) Reference Number/Instructions/Delivery Dates (Optional)

Fill this box out with any other relevant information like reference numbers, instructions for pick up, delivery dates, and so on.

4. Confirm

Confirm your details and click on the Book Pickup button to confirm your Freight forward or returns request.

5. Success

Your driver will collect your parcel during their next available courier cycle. If you have booked outside of normal business hours your courier will come to collect on the next business day.

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