Why is Address Validation important?

New Zealand Couriers have coded every address in the country according to its latitude and longitude. This allows us to price delivery based on the characteristics of that address.

With this information, we can provide:

Fast delivery

Reliable, verified addresses give us the ability to pre-sort packages in their city of origin. This saves time sorting in or near the “last mile,” which in turn helps us to deliver packages faster.

Increased first-time delivery

Features such as parcel notifications, Saturday delivery and redirection options all increase first-time delivery. This means overall faster delivery, as well as improved customer satisfaction. 

However, not every feature is available at every address. A verified address allows us to tell your customers with certainty which features are available for their address. Without a verified address, we would only be able to offer features that are available for every address, which significantly limits the number of features available. 

Fair driver pay

We set prices based on individual properties, rather than setting a flat rate based on area or postcode. This means we can add a surcharge for residential addresses. 

This is important because drivers can deliver hundreds of commercial packages per hour, while they may only be able to deliver 10-15 residential packages in the same time period, due to the typically lower density of residential addresses. 

If we have a verified address, we can classify it as residential, business, or rural with certainty – and ensure the driver is paid a fair rate for delivering it.  

To set up the APIs you’ll need to get started, get in touch with your account manager.

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