Thank you for your patience with our amazing staff.

We are proud of their efforts under COVID restrictions and are grateful to you for your courtesy. 

We will continue to update our Help Centre with relevant information about the impact of COVID-19 on our network. See Red FAQs here and Orange FAQs here.

20 January 2022

If your organisation or your customers were impacted by courier delays in the two weeks before Christmas – please accept our sincerest apologies. We are also grateful for the patience and support shown to our team by customers through this challenging period.

Massive freight levels relating to both COVID and year-end parcel volumes combined with restrictive operating protocols (necessary to minimise COVID spread), meant that service standards were not at usual levels for some items.  Parcels moving to/from Auckland were particularly hard hit over this period, we are sorry.

Changes Moving Forward

With new variants of COVID having high transmission levels in Australia and around the world - and supply chain being impacted in so many ways, we have been taking learnings from December to reduce the impact of future high volume periods (especially at times where COVID makes operating challenging):-

  • Operational equipment intended to increase our efficiency and capacity (intended for pre-December delivery), is now in our hands.
  • Additional operating space that was leased in December, has been retained to add sortation capacity in Auckland (Auckland was a key bottleneck in December).
  • Additional labour that was put in place in the lead up to Christmas has been retained to help with the continued parcel growth that we are forecasting.
  • Plans are now in place for better customer communication on our network performance for future network disruption or volume volatility.  This should allow customers to better understand service impacts for their businesses, in times where external factors or massive parcel volumes mean network and deliveries are hit by delays.

Sharing Our Learnings

After reviewing our December 2021 overload situation, it was clear some customers deliveries went more smoothly than others. We are not making excuses, but there may be things that can be done by our customers to lessen potential delays.

Some things to consider, to minimise future disruptions:-

  • Accurate addressing of courier labels - where possible ensuring electronically printed addresses are validated (talk to our team for more info)
  • Packaging – have items appropriately packaged for courier movement.  Packaging designed for moving palletised items will not necessarily protect your items sufficiently, to move via a courier network.
  • Multi-parcel consignments do not always travel seamlessly in a courier network and may be better suited to a bulk carrier - keeping consignment numbers under ten is advised.
  • Is a signature required? – Carefully consider whether it is best to select ‘signature delivery’.  If an item can be delivered to a safe location, non-signature delivery will often be a faster way of getting an item into your customers’ hands at the first attempt.
  • Pick-up earlier in the day – the earlier in the day items are picked up by our couriers – the more time we have to process and position them for swift delivery.
  • Setting expectations with your customer – during high volume periods, it makes sense to let customers know delivery times may be delayed.

A public thank you to our couriers and staff all around New Zealand. In the weeks before Christmas, every member of our team who could safely be involved with the sortation and delivery of courier items, stepped up and worked hard to ensure the highest delivery standards possible at that time.  

Finally, another huge ‘thank you’ to you, for your support during an incredibly challenging period.  We are committed to doing our absolute best for you and your organisation.

January 2022

Regular operations and delivery timeframes have returned to normal now that extreme pre-Christmas volumes have subsided and the Orange COVID-19 Protection framework is in place for areas of New Zealand apart from Northland.

Although our teams continue to work under increased safety measures, there are currently no restrictions or ongoing delays across the New Zealand Couriers network.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Important information

  • Contactless pick-ups and deliveries remain in place New Zealand-wide. Please ensure our couriers can operate on your premises with at least 2m distancing.
  • Visitors to New Zealand Couriers sites are expected to have a current Vaccine Pass, please be prepared to show your Vaccine Pass on request.
  • For receivers who have a 'card-left' - online redirection of parcels to NZC Branch or Depot for pick-up is available.
  • If you are waiting on a residential delivery, track and trace will give you visibility on the item (you must have the tracking number) - if you need additional assistance, you are able to initiate an online query with a 'single click' once you have tracked the item via our website.

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