Why do we use CoreLogic AddressRight?

If you are currently using a different address validation system, you should consider switching to the CoreLogic API.

CoreLogic AddressRight has more than 2.4 million physical in-use addresses, plus an additional 100,000 alias addresses and road names. They also update their data weekly, with thousands of updates and new addresses, from multiple sources.

This means much better coverage than other systems – especially in areas such as new subdivisions. 

CoreLogic addresses are not estimated. They are verified and geo-coded. This means we can accurately categorise addresses based on their latitude and longitude, and give certainty about which services are available at that address. 

Finally, we generally charge nothing for CoreLogic. Current account holders can verify up to 5,000 per day through CoreLogic. 

To set up the APIs you’ll need to get started, get in touch with your account manager.

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