1. Log in

Navigate to the New Zealand Couriers' Sender Portal page (click here) and log in using your username and password.

2. Navigate to 'Consignments'

Go to the 'Consignments' icon in the upper left corner and click on it, or click here to navigate there directly.

3. Navigate to the relevant consignment

Navigate to the relevant consignment (Learn More on how to track and navigate to consignments) and click on it.

This will navigate you to the Consignment details page.

4. Query the whole consignment

To query the whole consignment, click on the 'Query Consignment' button in the bottom right corner.

Alternatively, scroll down on the page to 'Consignment Parcels' and navigate to and click on the 'Query Parcel' button on the bottom left.

The number of parcels in the chosen consignment is written next to 'Consignment Parcel (X)'.

This will lead you to the Lodge Query page with your 'Consignment ID' box populated with the relevant Consignment ID number.

Also, you can:

Navigate to 'Queries'.

Select the relevant Consignment ID from the drop-down.

5. Fill out your Query details

a) Select Query Type (Required)

From the drop-down, select the type of query you are raising with New Zealand Couriers. Choose from the following options:

  1. Query Status or details of Delivery
  2. Estimated time of delivery
  3. Card has been left for receiver
  4. Query potential damage
  5. Other

You can fill out further details of the consignment in the 'Message (Optional)' 

b) Describe the package (Required)*

Describe the contents of your consignment as a whole as well as your package.

Tip: Few good identifying factors for any given consignment are:

  1. Type of packaging: What is the type of packaging you have used, e.g., is it a cardboard box or a satchel?
  2. Inner/outer packaging: Have you used any additional protection or packaging with the parcel, e.g., is it covered in bubble wrap?
  3. Contents of the box: Brief description of the contents of the box, e.g., if it is some soft bedding, the package may be fluffy to press
  4. Any special labels: Are there any labels or logos do you want us to be aware of, e.g., your company's brand logo and/or fragile stickers?
  5. Other: Any other identifying features you think might be important while looking for your package, e.g., this side up marking.

c) Message (Optional)

Use this box to provide any further details you may have when raising a query to help us get a resolution for you faster.

d) Preferred method of reply (Required)

Choose how you want us to contact you with the resolution or if we need more information from the drop-down box.

Choose from:

  1. Email
  2. Phone


The email address and phone number we will contact you on is the one you have set up in your account you are raising your complaint with. Please ensure that your details are correct (to find out how to correct your details click here)

e) Confirm and submit

Have another glance and confirm to see if all your details are correct and then click on the 'Submit button.

6. Confirmation and Reference Code

You will now be navigated to a confirmation page and your query has now been lodged against the relevant consignment. We'll be in touch with you via your preferred contact method. Please note down your 'Reference Code' in case you need to get in touch with us after we have contacted you about the relevant consignment.

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