1. Log in

Navigate to the New Zealand Couriers' Sender Portal page (click here) and log in using your username and password.

2. Navigate to 'Consignments'

Go to the 'Consignments' icon in the upper left corner and click on it, or click here to navigate there directly.

3. Tracking Dashboard

You will see a list of all the consignments in the following dashboard:

Each line represents a unique Consignment ID and each ID will have the following:

  1. Receiver name
  2. Status of the order
  3. Standard of delivery (Overnight or 2-day)
  4. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

4. Tracking icons

Additionally, each order will have a unique icon next to it identifying the status of the order:

Every icon represents the following status:

Icon Status
Label created: A label for delivery has been printed and a customer record exists in the Sender Portal.
Picked up: At least one of the items in a whole consignment has been picked up by the courier.
Out for delivery: At least one of the items in a whole consignment is out for delivery.
Delivered: At least one of the items in a whole consignment is delivered to the relevant receiver.
Alert: An unexpected delay has occurred (eg network disruption).

No action is required from the sender or receiver.

Paused: There has been a pause or temporary stoppage in the delivery process, the delivery could have been held at the depot.

Very likely that action is required from either the sender or receiver.

Processing: Likely that there has been an event that has occurred to the consignment, which requires more information to be provided to the sender or receiver.

No action is required from the sender or receiver.

Tip: Hover on to the information icon in the Status tab to find out the further actions required.

5. Tracking individual consignments

You can track individual consignments in the Sender Portal in any of the following ways:

a) Filters

On the top, there is a search bar with different options available, select the drop-down called 'Select Filter', choose from 'Delivered' or 'Awaiting Delivery', and see the status of the relevant consignments.

b) Start and end dates

On the same search bar, there are calendar drop-down options named 'Start date' and 'End Date'. Select the relevant date range in these boxes and see the status of the relevant consignments.

c) Consignment details

If you click on any consignment, there will be the following details available:

  1.  Unique consignment details: Tracking ID and Reference Number
  2.  Sender details: Sender Address, Phone and Email
  3.  Receiver details: Receiver Address, Phone and Email

Enter any of the above details in the search bar (Reference number and/or Tracking ID are recommended for highest accuracy) to bring up the relevant consignment on the Tracking Dashboard.

All of the above filters are not mutually exclusive, i.e, you can use more than one filter at any given time for higher accuracy.

6. Hit 'Reset'

After you are done tracking the particular consignment or consignments, you can hit the 'Reset' button on the search bar, to clear all the filters.

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