Deliveries to Residential addresses

What is a Residential Delivery Zone?

residential delivery is considered by us to be a delivery to a low-density delivery zone that includes, but is not limited to, residential homes, businesses operating from residential homes, and businesses that are surrounded by residential homes.

How do I know if an address is classed as Residential?

Simply go to our Address Checker and type in the address you want to find out about. 

How long does it take for a parcel to arrive at a Residential address?

For a parcel that is bound for a residential address, allow until the end of the next business day for it to arrive from the time it is picked up by one of our couriers.

Not going to be home for a delivery?

  • Have the item sent to your workplace
  • Have the item sent to one of our Delivery Link Partners near you 
  • Collect the item from one of our branches 
    • Use our Nearest Location tool or view our Contact Us page to find the address for our branch in your region 

If you wish to use one of these alternative delivery options, simply enter the address details for the chosen location when placing your order. 

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