Options for redelivery of a missed delivery

A missed delivery card is left when your courier tried to deliver an item that required a signature on delivery and no one was present, didn’t feel they could leave it unattended on your property, or couldn’t get access to your property. 

When an item isn’t delivered, and a missed delivery card is left, the courier will return it to their home branch for safekeeping where it will remain until you request what to do with it. If an item is unclaimed or no response received within five working days, the item will be returned to sender.  

If you find yourself with a missed delivery card, you have several options to choose from to get your parcel.

What are my redelivery options?

  • Collection from our branch: Stop by our and pick up your item. Please note: Before coming to collect from a branch, please call to confirm the package has been returned to the branch or select a collection time through our online redelivery tool. In some instances, especially if it’s the same day of the delivery, the package may still be on the couriers’ van. The package may also be held at a satellite branch.
    Also, we must see your I.D. to give you your package, so please bring that with you.
  • Redirection: Get your parcel delivered to an alternative address i.e. a workplace. There is no charge for this option provided the new address is in a business delivery zone within the delivery area for the branch where the parcel has been returned to after the missed delivery. If the alternative address is in a residential delivery zone or rural delivery zone there will be a charge required for the redelivery which can be securely paid by credit card through the tool.
  • Redelivery: Have your parcel delivered to the same address again. There is a small charge for this option as the courier needs to be paid for the expense to travel to your address again. You can securely pay this fee by credit through the tool.
  • Redeliver to a Delivery Link Partner: Have your parcel delivered to a New Zealand Couriers Delivery Link Partner (Agent & Collect / Send Point) in a location convenient for you to get to. For example, a dairy you pass by on your way home from work. There is no charge for this option.

How to arrange a redelivery

  1. Go to our online redelivery tool
  2. Enter the unique code on the missed delivery card
  3. Choose your preferred redelivery option
  4. Fill out the rest of the form and click Submit

How to avoid missing deliveries in the future

To avoid missing deliveries in the future we highly recommend either having items sent to an address where someone will be present during the day (e.g. your workplace) or setting up an ongoing Authority To Leave point at your address where deliveries can be safely left.

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