If you send an item through our network that has insufficient ticketing for its size, weight or destination we’ll do our best to still deliver it on time and bill you for the difference afterwards.  This after-the-fact charge is called Underticketing. 

What is Underticketing?

Underticketing refers to a piece of freight that has not had the sufficient quantity and/or type of tickets applied, or correct box size selected in a ticketing system.  Essentially there has been an underpayment on the cost to deliver the item and the underticketing charge is to correct that.  Additionally, due to the extra staff time and resource required to process underticketed items there is a small administration fee included with the ticket cost shortfall. 

Underticketing can result in delays to your deliveries so it is in your best interest to ensure that each item going out is correctly ticketed. 

Manifest/Electronic System Underticketing

Manifest/Electronic System Underticketing is the under declaration of pre-printed labels by volume or weight compared to actual volume or weight of the freight item. 

These penalty charges are the same rates as pre-pay tickets, the penalty is charged on ticket units short based on 0.025m/cube.

How to avoid Underticketing

To help ticket correctly we recommend keeping the service schedule, or ticketing map, for your region in your freight despatch area for easy reference. This map shows what type of ticket is required based on delivery location, as well as describing the size/weight limits for each ticket.  If you need help determining what type of ticket and quantity is required for a delivery, you may find our Ticket Calculator useful.

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