What is a Harmonised code? and how to declare them

In order to send packages internationally, many countries require a product code for the items contained in your shipment.

What is a Harmonised Code?

The Harmonised Code is an 8 digit identifying product code that is used to categorise virtually any item that you can have in your package. 

As an example, the Harmonised Code for a T-shirt is 61091000, or the Harmonised Code for a ballpoint pen is 96081010 and so on.

Each different item within a shipment must be declared separately and with its own description and Harmonised Code.

Declaring the Harmonised Code in GoSweetSpot

A Harmonised Code is mandatory for shipments to many countries, and GoSweetSpot might not allow you to book a shipment without it.

When you’re filling out the Commodities and Customs Declaration section on GoSweetSpot, you may notice this column will appear when sending internationally. It’s next to the Description field and acts as a code for computers to better understand the content of your shipment.

Harmonised Codes are easily found by searching online, or by visiting the government tariff finder website.

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