Where is my local New Zealand Couriers location?

Details for our branches, depots and Delivery Link Partners. New Zealand Couriers has 22 branches throughout New Zealand, each with a team of local courier specialists to help you get products to your customers.

New Zealand Couriers Locations

Click on your area to see contact detailshours and addresses of our branches/depots/Delivery Link Partners in that area.

NoteWe operate a geographic routing service based on our callers' nearest branch – this allows us to ensure you have local support (only landline calls can be identified by region). If you are using a mobile phone, please call direct to your local branch.

Not sure which New Zealand Couriers location is closest to you?

Go to the Nearest Location Tool and search the address/town/area that you want to find a New Zealand Couriers branch/depot or Delivery Link Partner.

The closest branch/depot or Delivery Link Partner will show in the results including its’ relevant hours, address and contact details. 

Delivery Link Partner locations don’t offer the full range of New Zealand Couriers services, such as buying ePacks/tickets and sending for delivery.  Be sure to check with the specific location you intend to go that they offer the services you are interested in. If you are going to collect an item, be sure to bring an official form of identification with you as items cannot be handed over without it. 

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