Address validation allows us to deliver your packages faster, increase your first-time delivery and pay drivers more fairly.  

The best way to validate addresses is through the CoreLogic Address Right API, which is fully subsidised for up to 5,000 addresses per day.

Validating addresses through CoreLogic gives New Zealand Couriers accurate latitude and longitude data about those addresses. This allows us to give accurate information about the cost of delivery and type of delivery (residential, business, rural). It also gives us the ability to show which additional services are available – such as Saturday delivery, special service standards, or restricted access.

This approach provides a better customer experience than categorising properties according to broad-based characteristics such as postcodes, because prices can be set based on the specific property, rather than on the average of the entire postcode.

How Address Validation works

  1. Your internal staff or customers input the address
  2. Address Match or Address Suggestion populates a list of validated addresses from CoreLogic
  3. The user chooses a validated address
  4. The latitude and longitude coordinates of that address are applied against the Freightways Service Provider API
  5. Price, service, city code, courier, and value-added services are applied based on the coordinates from CoreLogic

To set up the APIs you’ll need to get started, get in touch with your account manager.

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