Setting up an 'Authority to Leave' delivery tag

Whether you are having items delivered to your home or business, missing a delivery because no one is there to sign for it is frustrating.  With our Authority To Leave (ATL) system you can ensure items are safely delivered even if no one is present to receive them. 

You choose a safe location on your property or premises where you’d like to have deliveries left (e.g. by the backdoor, under the deck).  A small metallic barcode will be installed there which your courier scans when leaving items, to show in our tracking system they’ve been delivered.  All deliveries will then be left at this location going forward.   

Please Note: this applies to ALL deliveries, even if you happen to be present at the property at the time of delivery. Setting up an Authority to Leave barcode isn't a replacement for organising a redelivery for a parcel that delivery has already been attempted for.

In a small number of cases, our agreement with a particular sender (e.g. passport) may mean that we are not allowed to leave their delivery at an Authority to Leave point instead of getting a signature, and a missed delivery card will be placed at the property/premises instead.

How to get an Authority to Leave delivery tag for your property

  1. Identify a location on your property/premises where it would be safe to leave a parcel and protected from the weather. 
  2. Fill out the Authority To Leave form
  3. Your courier will install a small metallic barcoded tag at the given location when they next make a delivery to your property/premises. 

Is your parcel already on its way to you?

If your parcel is already on its way to you, you will need to contact your local New Zealand Couriers branch to organise your parcel to directed to an address where you or someone you know will be present at the time of delivery.

Find your local branch contact details here

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