Understanding your invoice

As there isn’t a standard format for invoices, we understand it can sometimes it can be confusing when you receive your first invoice from a new supplier, or maybe the person that usually dealt with that supplier has moved on.  Whatever the case, we want to help make sure our invoices are understandable.

Example Invoice

Here is an example of a standard invoice we send out to you each billing period with the key sections explained: 

Key details:

  1. Your contact details for billing purposes.  If you ever need to update your details, please contact your account manager 
  2. Contact details for your local branch – should you need to get in touch 
  3. Your New Zealand Couriers’ account number for your reference 
  4. Billing period - we operate on a fortnightly billing cycle, so our billing periods are numbered 1-24 along with the year they are in (e.g. 201901, 201913, 201924), as opposed to corresponding to a specific date 
  5. Billing period end date - As our billing periods do not correspond to a date, the end date of the billing period which the invoice applies to is provided here 
  6. Itemised charges - which are detailed in the subsequent pages 
  7. Previous amount paid 
  8. Total (excl GST) 
  9. Total GST
  10. Total (incl GST & surcharges)
  11. Itemised totals (incl GST & surcharges) from previous billing periods 
  12. Total to pay 
  13. Your company name
  14. Total amount due
  15. Tear-off Remittance Advice strip to be sent with all payments

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