Tracking international deliveries

How to track an international consignment 

  1. Go to our Tracking tool and locate International Consignment 
  2. Enter your consignment/tracking no. and click Track my item
  3. View the status of the consignment

What each tracking status means 


Your parcel has been picked up by the courier from the designated pick up address. 

In transit 

Your parcel is moving between the collection point and delivery point. This may include movement in vans, trucks or planes and security check points such customs, all depending on the nature of your delivery.  

A more detailed look into each point of the delivery process can be found in the Travel History portion of our tracking tool. 


Your parcel has been delivered by the courier to the designated delivery address. 

How to query an international consignment 

  1. Track the consignment you wish to query, click on the blue Query delivery button 
  2. Fill out the query form and click Submit 
  3. A member of our team will look at your query and contact you with a resolution or advise next steps 

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