International Surcharges

If you're shipping internationally, it's important to know the various surcharges that may apply depending on the services you use. There are two International surcharges:

  • International Priority Variable Fuel Factor (VFF) 
  • International Courier Surcharge

The International Priority Variable Fuel Factor (VFF) is designed to recover the variable nature of fuel costs for international courier line haul, as fuel costs are understandably one of the most significant and variable cost components. On the other hand, the International Courier Surcharge is determined by agents or strategic partners and is beyond the control of the shipping company. It is meant to recover variable costs and avoid high fixed charges on a permanent basis. Understanding these surcharges allows you to plan better and manage your international shipping costs.

International Priority Variable Fuel Factor

The Variable Fuel Factor (VFF) was introduced for the purpose of recovering the variable nature of fuel costs. The fuel surcharge percentage for New Zealand Couriers International services is subject to monthly adjustment based on the VFF our agents/strategic partners charge us.

Find out the latest International Courier Variable Fuel Factor here.

International Courier Surcharge

New Zealand Couriers introduced the International Courier Surcharge to account for the unpredictability surrounding the costs of moving items globally through International Courier. It is a charge calculated to reflect the monthly changes in flight line haul, peak and fuel surcharges, and other factors contributing to unpredictability. This mechanism allows for transparency on changes in variable costs and passes on any reductions in price to customers. Our agents/strategic partners apply these, and are beyond our control.

Find out the latest International Courier Surcharge here.

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