You may not have realised hand sanitiser is classed as a Dangerous Good (DG). Because of this, it legally requires a certain process to be followed.

What you need to know about sending hand sanitiser

  1. It's classed as a Dangerous Good (DG)
  2. Our drivers cannot legally pick up DG's if the relevant paperwork isn't completed
  3. Relevant DG paperwork needs to be attached to each box containing hand sanitiser
  4. Official qualification and training is needed to handle DG's
  5. A DG ticket needs to be applied to every box containing hand sanitiser - these can be purchased online here
  6. It needs to be packaged in a sturdy box - ePacks/satchels are not suitable
  7. Stabilising filler or support needs to be placed inside the box to limit movement and protect the sanitiser.

To know more about DG's, view our Dangerous Goods Policy.

If you need any further guidance, you are more than welcome to reach out to your New Zealand Couriers Account Manager.

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