New Zealand Couriers will continue to collect and deliver for those businesses that are able to remain open.

These are unsettled times and our thoughts are with those in the world who are struggling with sickness, or worse, dealing with loss of loved ones.

When New Zealand moved to Alert Level 3, Freightways (our parent company) received confirmation from the Government that ‘transport & logistics’ is an Essential Service.

With a move to Alert Level 4 confirmed from midnight Wednesday 25 March, we are currently detailing exactly what this will mean for our business operations and our customers.  We are currently aligning our ‘Business Continuity Plans’ with the challenges that COVID-19 brings, to ensure the best delivery for New Zealand in combination with maximum safety for our ‘front-line’ team.

Our people fully understand that pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals, and other critical New Zealand services are relying on our support.

What we do know now: 

  • New Zealand Couriers will continue to collect and deliver for those organisations that are able to remain open.
  • New Zealand Couriers will continue to operate Pass the Parcel – Trusted Home Delivery.

What we need from you: 

  • If your business is remaining open for collection, talk to your courier and set-up collection point/s that support Government COVID–19 protocols.  Collection points should allow for a social distancing protocol of 2-metres between your courier and members of your team.
  • Contact your Account Manager or local Branch for any further direction or assistance.

So many of the items we move are critical to New Zealand and New Zealanders.  As things progress with the Pandemic, we will continue to focus on ways to do our job as efficiently and safely as possible. 

Finally, it is worth saying that things will be different for quite some while – for this reason, we are taking the time to set up our business in a way that will work for you on an ongoing basis.  Please do be patient – we will be providing further updates as this situation evolves.

Please have confidence and be assured that we will do everything we can to support you, your customers and your business through these uncertain times.

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