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Essential freight restrictions being lifted

The planned move from Alert-Level 4 to Alert-Level 3 on Tuesday the 28th of April, will be a great milestone for New Zealand.

In the transport and supply-chain world, this allows us to progress from moving ‘essential items’ to there being ‘no restrictions’ on the type of freight moved – of course, we need to continue to ensure the safety of our people and the communities we operate in.

Increased freight volumes, especially to homes

What we do anticipate, is that there will be an increased number of courier parcels being collected leading up to and at the commencement of Alert Level 3, as many businesses start to re-open their doors. 

Over the last four weeks, businesses deemed ‘essential services’ have worked through the new way of delivering and receiving courier items within safety/legal guidelines. 

Now, we are expecting a significant surge of activity following Anzac Day as other businesses catching up on sending out orders.  There will also be businesses that have new and transformed supply models, where we will be delivering items on their behalf that might not have been offered via courier delivery previously.  In particular, we expect home deliveries to grow exponentially. 

While we have maintained a consistent delivery standard, there has been pressure on our residential fleet in certain areas due to the increased volumes.  Resources will be deployed as required and every effort will be made to maintain a consistent delivery standard, however, please have patience as there may be some delays in some areas.

Restarting your pick ups

When re-opening your business, for VAN pickups please call 0800 692 687 - then type in your PIN to book a courier pick-up.  This will allow for your usual pick-ups to be reinstated.

Safe distances and contact-less pick ups

A safe area must be available to your courier, so that they are able to enter your premises, to deliver inbound courier items without them needing to knock and wait, or call you for access.  In the majority of cases, our couriers will not be in a position to phone you in order to gain access to complete a delivery.  As long as you have prepared an efficient and safe delivery space for your contractor, things should run extremely well for you on your return to your business.

It's extremely important that distance is maintained through both the pick-up of outbound items as well as for deliveries.  We take health and safety extremely seriously and if our couriers do not feel that distancing guidelines are being followed, we will expect them to leave without completing the intended transaction.

More on contact-less pick ups and how they work >

Freight that's been held during Level 4

Courier parcels addressed to you will also start to flow through to you once your courier is aware that you are back in action.  In some instances, your orders may have been returned to the sender, if they were sent after lockdown started.

During the Alert Level 4, New Zealand Couriers have had to store a considerable amount of ‘business closed’ freight.  This was predominantly freight sent just prior to the Alert Level 4 lockdown that could not be delivered, plus items that were sent to closed businesses during lockdown.  The volume of this freight is quite considerable.  Every effort will be made to have these items delivered to businesses as they open, however, given the volume and the staggered way that businesses may open, there may be some delays in items being retrieved and delivered.  Please be patient, we will deliver the items as soon as is possible.

We're here to support you

New Zealanders are a resilient and creative bunch and we are incredibly proud to be supporting you as things progress.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager if you need further clarification or a helping hand through this.

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