As an essential supplier of services through the Government lockdown period, our delivery priority in order of importance continues to be; medical, pharmaceutical, educational and perishables. Where ‘essentials’ can be prioritised – they are. Other freight will be delivered as and when resource allows.

Staffing and courier levels across the country are not at full strength. A number of our people have elected to self-isolate through the lockdown and we have reduced numbers. There may be additional time taken to deliver some of the freight that we are receiving that is not considered top priority. Additionally, there may be a delay in standard response times to queries.

With this in mind please understand that there may be more than one working day delivery time for goods being sent to residential zones. We will do all we can to minimise any delays – but the reality is that some residential deliveries may not be ‘next day’.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are doing all we can to manage during challenging times, we will do all we can to assist in any way possible. We would also respectfully ask that you refrain from ringing our call centres for updates on deliveries (items can be tracked here), we are operating with reduced staff and we need to manage priority items in the first instance.

Please stay safe,

The team at New Zealand Couriers

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