These are challenging times and the last thing we want to do is add an additional cost. However, for us to continue providing the best possible international postal service during this time, we find ourselves with no other option but to pass this cost on.  We can’t tell you how exactly how long these temporary surcharges will be in place (it is also possible that they will change, if they do, it will be shown here). What we can promise, is as soon as our agents withdraw the surcharges, we will too.

These surcharges are likely to stay in place until airline capacity supply is back to normal. Delivery times for some items are likely to be extended.

For tracked postal shipments

On all tracked postal items destined for Australia and the USA there is a surcharge of $0.75 per kg (rounded up to the nearest kg). We are working on such slim margins that we find ourselves with no other course of action but to pass this on from our International partners.

For untracked postal shipments

At very short notice we were informed by our service agents that a temporary COVID-19 Surcharge was being implemented on all international untracked postal shipments beginning Monday, June 1, 2020.

Sending from New Zealand


   Postal – Untracked*

Zone A Australia $1.00 per kg
Zone B South Pacific $3.00 per kg
Zone C Asia $3.50 per kg
Zone D UK and Europe $10.00 per kg
Zone DNA North America $3.00 per kg
Zone E Rest of World $10.00 per kg

*This surcharge will be rounded up to the next full kilogram.

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